Since 2015, her works are permanently at:
GINGER BREAD SQUARE Gallery - Key West - Florida / USA,
In France, 3W Gallery  27 rue Henri IV - Reims  
In Switzerland, Mr Finci (Agent d'artiste) represents Catherine VILLA

Man in his emotions and his relationship to others is at the center of the artist's concerns.
Psychologist in her life before, the time spent in healing souls left traces. To express the fragility of humanity in bronze or on canvas, comes from the same approach.
Paintings last and time stands still.  When looking at these miraculously emerged beings, we also stand still. The image which appears in the light is of ourselves.
Where do we come from?  The artist seems to be asking.   What roots do we have and what legacy can we leave?
Close to people, Catherine literally integrates us to the work, she sends us back to our origins, to our condition, showing our fragility together with our hopes.  Her characters are always the same as in real life, always in question, always waiting. They are the protagonists of their own life-stories.
The links that bind us to each other are questioned: « Il fallait qu’ils se séparent » (They had to separate), « Il y avait si longtemps » (It’s been such a long time), « Étreinte Immobile » (Immobile Hug)….. are just a few of the evocative titles which underline her work.   The human being is a being in a relationship but what does he make of it?   It is a case of evoking the moments which mark our lives, moments of separation, moments of solitude or of discovery and exchange.

From a technical point of view, diluted oil is put on completely moistened linen canvas and glazes are superimposed.   Then pigments are projected on.   All this is carried out using hard brushes, sieves, combs with very few actual direct touches, the idea being yet again to get back to our roots. The artist experiments with ancestral techniques of Parietal Art.
This invisible art lurking in deep caves waited for the light from fire torches in order to be discovered and admired.   Prehistoric Man worked his pigments with a buffer, a stencil or by blowing and he signed with a hand-print (negative hands).
Terracotta sculptures are in the same vein to find our roots within the clay and the great bond with the land.   It is a means of expression by the hand which completes what paintings express but three dimensionally.
What is beautiful is what we do not see.
Higher studies:  Degree in child and adolescent psychopathology.       From 1980 to 1996:  Courses in art schools and in Liliane Simon’s workshop.  The artist practiced watercolor techniques for more than 10 years.
In 2004, Enrolment at the ‘Maison des Artistes’.
Catherine's work can be found internationally. Her paintings appear in private collections in United States, China, South Korea and Europe.

The artist was awarded: (Main Selections / Honors)

2007 - International Biennale of contemporary Art - Florence. Italy.
2007 - First prize in the general council of Yvelines - France
2005 - International Biennale of contemporary Art "MIAB"- Madera. Portugal. France was represented by seven recognized artists.
2006 - First prize “Salon ARTS et ARTISTES” - Paris. France
2011 - Special Honors at "Les couleurs de l'espace" - Toulouse. France
2011 - First prize in the general council of Meulan - France
"LA MARCHE DES MOINES"_ bronze_91 x 35 x 15 cm_2017_2/8
Main Exhibitions since 2005 (extract)

Since 2015 - Represented in USA by "Gingerbread Square" Gallery. Key West. Floride.

2015 - International exhibition Affordable Art Fair – Maastricht. The Netherlands.
2015 - International exhibition Spectrum Miami - Miami. USA.
2013 - International exhibition GANA ART Gallery - Seoul. South Korea.
2013  - “Lijn3” Gallery - Noord-Beveland -The Netherlands.
2013 - International Exhibition “Kunstschouw 2012”- Schouwen Duiveland. The Netherlands.
2012  - International Art Exhibition Event - Antwerpen. Belgium.
2012  - “De Marchi” Gallery - Bologna. Italy.
2010  - International exhibition SHANGHAIMART - Shanghai. China.
2009 - International exhibition “BASEL SELECTION ART FAIR “ - Basel. Switzerland.
2008 - International  Artfair - Guangzhou. China.
2006 -  Solo Show “October” Gallery - Geneva. Switzerland.

2018 - official selection in Versailles Biennale
2018 - Gallery Têt de l'Art - Forbach.
2017 - Rencontre de l'Art Contemporain - Saint Maximin La Ste Baume.
2015 -  Solo show "PasseArt" Gallery – Troyes.
2016 / 2015 - Artist's agent “Orange Cobalt”  - Paris.
2014 -  “Carré d’Arts Croisés” Gallery - Bergerac.
2013 / 2010 - Rotary Art Exhibitions - Paris
2012 - "Salon d'art" - Meulan / Paris.
2011 -  "Salon des Beaux Arts" - Honfleur.
2009 - Solo Exhibition at “La Maison du Westhoek” - Lilles.
2009 -  Solo show “THEATER” Gallery - Tours.
2008 - Solo Exhibition at HEC / High School Castle - Jouy en Josas / Paris.
2006 and 2007 - "Independent Artists" exhibition - Paris.
2005 and 2006 - "Art en Capital" - GRAND PALAIS - Paris."Les trois Phares"_ bronze sculpture_ 156 x 50 x 50 cm
"En Equilibre"_ Bronze sculpture
Créé avec Artmajeur